DC’s Titans: Season 3 WEB-DL 720p HEVC [ In English + ESUBS ] [Episode 5 Added !] | TV Series

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DC’s Titans: Season 3 WEB-DL 720p HEVC [ In English + ESUBS ]  [Episode 5 Added !] | TV Series

DC Titans (Season 3rd) .

Title: Titans S03 (2121)
IMDb Ratings: 7.7
Creators: Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns
Stars: Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft, Anna Diop 
No Of Season: 3rd (2021)
Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | TV shows
Language: English || Subtitles: Eng Subs


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Titans: Season 3 (2021) – Storyline:

Season 3 of Titans kicks right off with the team finally working together. For the last two seasons, fans have begged to see the hugely popular group unite in battle, but have been met with constant arguing and break-ups in between. Now, the Titans are actually fighting crime at each other’s side, with their banter, chemistry, and unity all front and center, and it truly makes for a breath of fresh air. From the moment the Titans roll up to their new action set pieces, it feels like the show has been reborn. The characters finally feel like they’ve evolved into their comic counterparts, and the DC team we know is finally on the small screen for everyone to enjoy.

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Titans – S03.E01 – Barbara Gordon | E02 – Red Hood  | E03 – Hank and Dove | E04 – “Blackfire” | EP -5 – ?? .

‘Titans’ Season 3 Review

Unlike previous installments, each episode finds a consistent runtime that is neither too short nor too long. However, when the show makes weird decisions like bringing back the therapist Kory Anders slept with last season, it slows things down to a halt. Starfire’s storyline is even more prominent this time around but ends up half being as engaging as the rest of the series. With a fantastic actress like Anna Diop, it is very frustrating to see the series struggle to make a worthwhile effort with the fan-favorite character. It was thought that bringing back her sister Blackfire full-time could be the solution to this problem. However, her first appearance here doesn’t do too much to calm those worries.

At the end of the day, if you never loved Titans, this season won’t make you a believer. But, it ain’t half bad. For hardcore fans of DC, there is quite a bit to enjoy and it becomes consistently watchable. Once you accept the show’s unique creative direction and limitations, it becomes serviceable entertainment. The series cuts some of the fat that made it such a mixed bag, even if it still struggles to create equally engaging arcs for the ensemble cast. Red Hood’s arrival subverts expectations and won’t work for everyone, but at least the show isn’t afraid of its decisions.

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